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How to measure your kitchen for new cabinets

How to Measure A Kitchen or Bathroom to Order Semi-Custom Cabinets

Providing accurate measurements is essential in the journey to a fully custom kitchen or bathroom. Start by creating a simple floor plan for the room you’re measuring. Make sure that you highlight where every door, window, gas or water line is, standard or range hood vents, switches, outlets, drains and light fixtures are in the room. It is important to note 220 outlets, gas lines or any telephone or cable TV outlets as well.

Ceiling Heights

Make sure to measure the height in several places in the room as not all houses are level. Also if there is a soffit (an architectural element that is formed at the under edge of something in the home) measure up to that point.

Walls or Doors

Start by measuring the entire length of each wall in the room. Don’t forget to mention any windows in the room and their exact size. Measure to the edge of the window from the far left or the far right of it. Also, measure the window trim size. Follow the same steps for doors or any openings in the room too.


Start a measurement from the far left or the far right to the center of the sink.


Repeat the same process for any appliances in the room including stove, refrigerator or trash compactor. Make sure to hold if the appliance has a hinge on the left or the right.


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