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Kitchen Remodeling Contractors Prefer Sac City Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets Sacramento.

If you are working with a contractor you will want to bring them to the Sac City Cabinets showroom. Working with our staff is a pleasure because we have the experience necessary to find the best fit for your project and we understand what it takes to get the most value for your money when it comes to investment property rehab projects. Together we can work with your contractor to create the perfect dream kitchen for your needs. Creating new kitchens is one of the best ways to get the very most out of your investment on any piece of property and our team is ready to help you do just that.

We worked with our customer and their contractor to select the perfect cabinets for this project.  The contractor for the customer commented that the cabinets were easy to install thanks to being pre-assembled. The contractor also found that the cabinets were all perfectly square, well-made and fit perfectly with no problem getting them hung in the space.

The customer chose dark wood that offset the stainless steel appliances and gave the entire room a rich look. The new single action sink in stainless steel combined with a light colored tile backsplash brought new life to the kitchen. The rich colored countertops left the wood of the cabinets and the stainless steel standing out. All of the cabinets made a great combination in contrast to the light colored tiles used on the floor. The new recessed lighting helps to show off all of the new features of the kitchen and bring out the dark color of the cabinetry. The cabinets offer more storage space and open up the room to make it seem much larger. This is a great example of how taking the right cabinetry and replacing the old outdated kitchen fixtures, can turn the value of a property around.


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