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The Sac City Cabinets Story

Owners Jaci and Eric Scneder of Sac City Cabinets have countless years of general contracting experience with Eric first receiving his Contractor’s license in 1974. In 2007, the two learned that a company was disposing of nearly 2,000 windows for cheap. Jaci and Eric purchased these windows and opened up a small shop, Builders Surplus LLC, on Horn Road in Rancho Cordova. Within a year, Jaci took over the business.

In 2008, they moved to a bigger location on Power Inn Road in Sacramento, California. The next year, they expanded again to a new location next door to their existing building into a 25,000 square foot warehouse and showroom.

In 2010, Jaci and started to sell kitchen and bathroom cabinets.  While Builders Surplus LLC thrived over the next few years, it did become difficult to find discounted building materials and cabinet sales began to primarily dominate their business. Their reputation for having the best price in town and for high-quality ready to install cabinets continued to grow and Jaci was deemed the ‘cabinet queen.’. Their success has many homeowners from as far as Lake Tahoe and the Bay Area driving to Sacramento for their cabinets.

After months of contemplating their business’s future, Jaci decided to follow her passion for designing kitchens and selling cabinets. In April 2014, Builders Surplus LLC closed their doors and on May 6, 2014, a bigger and better showroom and new location just 100 yards from the old location was opened as Sac City Cabinets. The company now sells kitchen cabinets as well as bath vanities.  If you’re looking for premium cabinets that can be customized for any layout or preferences, visit Sac City Cabinets.